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New group start September 2017

Lene Offersen

I am an independent psychotherapist, organisational coach and mediator.

Are you living in Denmark as a foreign resident and feeling challenged by certain issues? If so, my English-speaking therapy group could be the way forward.

To find out more, just contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

What can group therapy do for you?

With my help and within a therapeutic setting, you can discover new insights into your way of living and how you relate to yourself and others.

Together, we examine your resources and your limitations. This process provides you with the clarity you need to make the right choices and work through the necessary transformations.

When is group therapy the right choice?

Group therapy is an effective form of counselling for a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loneliness
  • Issues with boundaries
  • Work-related problems
  • Marital problems
  • Relationship issues

For foreign residents in Denmark, living in a country with a different culture and different norms to one’s own can also be challenging. Group therapy can address these issues, too.


Discover and integrate
your own resources and
regain faith in yourself

Who forms the group?

This particular therapy group is designed for foreign residents living in Denmark, both men and women. As a group member, you need to be prepared to work on your personal issues within a group context.

The number of participants per group is limited to six. New members can join the group in the course of the year as long as there are places available. If you would like to join, but the group is already complete, I can put your name down on the waiting list.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

One of the benefits of group therapy compared to individual therapy is the possibility to be inspired by the therapeutic work of others. This is often a clarifying factor in one’s own process.

In addition, a therapy group can both support you and challenge you in your personal development, enabling you to explore how you relate to others in practice and not just in theory – all in a safe environment.

What does a group therapy session entail?

Therapy is provided in the form of individual therapy within a group context: I work with one participant at a time within the group. At the end of every step, all members of the group have the possibility to voice their thoughts on what they have just experienced.

Attending group therapy means you have something to share. You may find it hard to put it into words, but something within you is not as you wish. The only thing required of you as a participant in group therapy is a willingness to open up to the group, at a pace with which you feel comfortable.

As a group therapy client, you provide me with the issue you would like to have addressed. I then choose the appropriate therapeutic approach. Depending on your needs, a therapy can be supportive, guiding, challenging or integrative.

What is Gestalt therapy?

The group therapy I offer is based on Gestalt therapy, an existential and experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasises personal responsibility.

Gestalt therapy acknowledges and works with your feelings, sentiments and thoughts. It also incorporates the unconscious aspects within you as expressed through your dreams, fantasies, emotions and various physical manifestations. By putting the emphasis on experiences outside your awareness, Gestalt therapy enables you to achieve a new and better understanding of yourself.

When and where does the group meet?

We meet every other Thursday, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm, at the following address in Valby (Copenhagen):

Valbygaardsvej 64 A
2500 Valby

Group therapy dates in 2017 and 2018:

September 2017: 14th and 28th
October 2017: 12th and 26th

November 2017: 9th and 23rd

December 2017: 7th and 21st

January 2018: 4th and 18th

Sessions recommence in February 2018

How much does group therapy cost?

Before you join the group, I conduct an individual 45-minute preliminary session with you, either in Valby (Copenhagen) (150 DKK) or online via Skype (free). During this session, we explore your need for therapy. Based on the results, I can then advise you on whether group therapy is right for you from a professional point of view.

The price per group meeting is 400 DKK. Therapy sessions need to be paid for in advance and for four group meetings at a time. The first payment is due upon signing up to the group. No refunds are given for cancellations.

Lene Offersen

I am an independent psychotherapist, organisational coach and mediator. I work with individual clients, couples, families and groups as well as within organisations.


Danish, English, French, German

Education and membership

  • Certified Systemic Coach, Køge Handelsskole, 2011
  • Certified Gestalt Therapist, Gestaltterapeutisk Institut, 2008
  • Export Engineer, Copenhagen College of Engineering, 1993
  • Member of the Danish Association of Gestalt Therapists

I have the utmost respect for each client as an individual with a very personal journey. And I look forward to accompanying you for a part of the way.